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Creating real impact with timed emails

How sending an email at the right moment creates major impact

Did you ever pay attention to the time of day when you open your emails? Newcraft helped KLM to dig into the data to find out if we could personalize the day and time of their newsletter.


We established 16 time frames throughout the week and predicted individually which time frame would result in the highest open- and click through rates. Hard core data science combined with interviews with KLM’s customers lead to surprising insights and striking results.



Increase in open rate


Increase in click through rate


Emails sent



Just think about the opportunities and results when we’re scaling up and personalize more elements like content. This way we keep creating more relevance for our customers by offering them the right message at the right time. Plenty of reason to keep testing and experimenting!

Bernard Geersing,
Director Direct Sales & Digital Marketing

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Cornelis Vletter
Team Lead Data Science

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