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Iets met internet podcast

Your job involves something on the internet, right?

Everyone who works at Newcraft does something ‘on the internet’. What exactly does that mean? What kind of work do you do and with whom? For which customers and why?


In the podcast Iets met internet (it’s in Dutch) Jelmer de Boer talks with his colleagues at Newcraft to find out why they do what they do. What moves someone to improve virtual worlds?


Why is it that people sit in front of the computer all day? And what’s nice about that? We’re trying to find that out.

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Iets met strategie (ft. Mark Jonker)

Dutch podcast. Mark Jonker is a strategy consultant at Newcraft. But what does that actually mean? And how do you fill such a position at Newcraft? Is it just making PowerPoint presentations and filling Excel sheets? Or maybe there is something more to it?



Iets met content marketing (ft. Quincy van der Starre

Dutch podcast. Quincy van der Starre understands content marketing. But what exactly does that mean? What kind of work do you do as a content marketing consultant? And who do you work with?



Iets met user experience (ft. Rick van der Vlugt)

Dutch podcast. Rick van der Vlugt understands e-commerce. He is not concerned with selling as much as possible, but whether people have the best possible user experience at the place where something is for sale. But how does he do that? And for what kind of companies?



Iets met paid marketing (ft. Dirk de Bont)

Dutch podcast. Dirk de Bont is a Digital Marketing Consultant and helps Newcraft customers to make the best possible use of their budgets to reach new people. But why exactly does Dirk find this fun and important to do and why does he do that at Newcraft?



Iets met e-mail (ft. Daphne Pronk)

Dutch podcast. As a Marketing Automation Consultant, Daphne Pronk helps companies improve their email marketing. But how does she do that? And why?



Iets met data (ft. Cornelis Vletter)

Dutch podcast. Cornelis Vletter is Lead Data Science at Newcraft, where he tries to turn data into information that can help companies grow. But how does he do that? And why?



Iets met webshops (ft. Philip Engelkens)

Dutch podcast. Philip Engelkens went from the hockey field to Decathlon to Newcraft to help other companies improve their e-commerce. But how does he do that? And why?