We are digital accelerators

Just because you spent a hundred large on strategy doesn’t mean it’s working. See, we’re willing to tell you the truth you don’t want to hear.


Tech, consumer behavior, culture, it’s different every minute. We believe those ahead of the pack can develop the insights and discover the opportunities in change. Newcraft provides companies the capabilities to master their growth and the creativity to utilize their data. Together we create valuable digital results.


Digital consultancy with a practical twist. We explore, collaborate and execute. This is how we change your business model, propositions and your customer approach for the better.


We’re talking tangible, measurable, and reliable digital growth. Create true value for your business and earn a position in the daily lives of your customers.


Through tailor-made programs we transfer and embed our knowledge. Empower your organization to master the skills for the future, today.

Based in Amsterdam and Brussels, executing everywhere

Digital acceleration reaches beyond borders. That’s why we have an international focus. Whether it’s setting up a new e-commerce strategy in South-Africa or accelerating an innovation track in Alabama, USA; our digital pop up stores travel around the globe to drive results where needed.

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Collaboration is second nature to us

To fuel digital growth for our clients, a deep understanding of technology is crucial. That’s why we have partnerships with the biggest tech providers in the world. This way our clients stay relevant and ahead of the digital game. We are preferred partner of: