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Becoming the nr. 1 wellbeing platform

Digital strategy and execution

Our professional relationship started in 2013, when we first helped Etos to deliver insights via webdata. Five years later, Etos decided to invest in digital growth.

Together with the new Etos board of directors, Newcraft discovered a ‘late mover advantage’. We started planning a digital strategy and set up a hybrid team to start e-commerce activities with Etos.


We re-designed the organization to optimize cooperation and result. Then we could insource online marketing activities and focus on running the webshop. With paid and organic search activities we achieved 246% growth in the first six months after releasing the webshop and it keeps on increasing to this day.





Next goal: becoming the Nr. 1 wellbeing platform in the Netherlands. For 2020 Newcraft will be actively involved in executing this strategy by delivering capabilities on commercial, technical and data level.

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Noor Bavinck
Team Lead Data Science & Strategy

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