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Digital acceleration in 18 months

Building the foundation

At the end of 2018 Etos took the important decision to take digital seriously. What started with the development of an e-commerce proposition, grew in 18 months to a recalibration of the complete strategy and acceleration in all digital domains. Together with Newcraft, Etos is taking rapid steps towards digital maturity.


At the beginning of 2019 we started to think up and build a complete e-commerce proposition. What are the relevant product categories? How do we better organize fulfillment? What is important for our suppliers and how do we let them benefit from Etos’ reach? How do we better collaborate with franchise partners? How do we build the shop? How do we set up our organization and which digital skills do we need to develop?

We investigated all these topics at lightning speed and worked this out into concrete solutions and results. The first step had been taken.

Strategy recalibration

Etos’ management didn’t slow down during this process; together with Newcraft’s Strategy team they worked on a recalibration of the Etos strategy. We defined growth opportunities and started looking for new products and relevant services. Digital was given a central role, allowing Etos to position itself as a well-being platform.



While we were accelerating with the shop – celebrating the first successes and using lessons to optimize – we immediately took concrete steps in the implementation of the new wellness strategy. We built the foundation of this strategy by playing an active role in the acquisition of medical content platform Solvo. In addition, we came up with new digital propositions such as Etos+. This service and app enables customers to order and receive medicines; delivered to their home or picked up at an Etos branch. With this, Etos enters a new and interesting market and offers their customers a unique service. Newcraft played a central role in the development of the strategy, the digital platform, the MVP and the roll-out.


Newcraft is proud. Together with Etos we have achieved a lot in 18 months.

The hybrid teams of Etos and Newcraft are still working together on accelerating e-commerce, CRM, loyalty, digital marketing and customer journey optimisations. 

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Industry lead Retail

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