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Google Marketing Platform offers a tremendous amount of possibilities, functionalities and opportunities for every marketer. But with that much options, you might be a bit overwhelmed sometimes. What do you use with which purpose and how do all different tools relate to each other? Time for clarity! In this series of blogs Newcraft’s Google specialists will explain the whole stack step by step.


Google Search Ads 360 is a platform that enables agencies and advertizers to manage big search campaigns easier and quicker. The platform has integrations for Google Ads, Bing Ads and Yahoo Search Marketing, and can be used for campaign management, automation, offer management and reporting. The harmonization with Campaign Manager and Google Analytics 360 allows you to measure conversions better, cross-channel as well as cross-device. Here’s some of the reasons why you should use Search Ads 360.


Managing multiple search engines from one tool
This gives you the opportunity to activate, pause or even add campaigns from one interface. You can also adjust your offer on certain key words from one environment, which gives you more time for other optimizations.


Advanced and automated bid strategies
In order to get the right reach with digital campaigns, you must think about the most effective strategy. Bid strategies offer a great tool for marketers to use their marketing budget in the most effective way. There are bid strategies aimed at boosting turnover, but you can also think about strategies to increase clicks or conversions.


Automated campaigns with Inventory Management
A feed connection enables Inventory Management to generate fully automated campaigns, ad groups, text ads, key words and even site links. These adjustments are made automatically every time the feed is updated. This is great when you’re working with large data sets.


More efficient administration and real-time reporting
One of the big advantages of Search Ads 360 is its real-time reporting functionality, because reports are updated every fifteen minutes! It also allows you to import external media costs so you can measure total profit. Another big advantage is the visualization of reports; not only do they look nicely structured, it can also be easily downloaded and shared.


Holistic data sharing in Google Digital Marketing Platform
Next to Search Ads 360, Google Digital Marketing Platform offers other services like Display & Video 360 and Analytics 360. You can also share data because all of these services are managed from one platform. This allows you to look at more advanced attribution models. This way you can measure supporting conversions and cross-device conversions at different channels in the funnel. Display & Video 360 allows you to share audiences.

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