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Senior Strategy Consultant

Help ensure relevance in the 21st century

As Senior Consultant in the Strategy & Innovation Team at Newcraft you’ll help clients find their way to sustainable profitable growth across markets, customer segments, value chains, channels and the product & service portfolio. 


From day one, you lead several work streams of our strategy projects at Board level, do the hands-on strategic analyses, work intensively with other Newcraft experts, and you help to build the fast-growing and ambitious Strategy & Innovation Team.

Team Strategy & Innovation

We at Newcraft have long-term partnerships with our clients and we deliver both strategy as well as implementation. We are primarily rewarded based on the actual commercial results that we achieve with and for our clients. That is why, as a Senior Strategy Consultant, you will have a strong role with a large, visible impact.


In the young, fast-growing Strategy & Innovation Team we have consultants who bring experience from companies including KPMG, Strategy&, Accenture, Capgemini Invent, OC&C and EY-Parthenon. The team uniquely combines advanced and highly data-driven, quantitative, and financial analytics with unbridled creativity, design thinking, empathy and deep insight into the drivers, behavior and emotions of users and internal stakeholders. Call it money & magic, or left brain & right brain. 


With this unique blend of skills we answer the following four types of questions our customers ask us:


  • Where to play? In which geographic markets, customer segments, channels, value chain positions and competitive field can we best grow sustainably and profitably?
  • What to offer? With which product and service portfolio can we conquer the hearts, minds & wallets of our customers? And which new propositions can we successfully bring to the market that match the (latent) needs of our customers? At Newcraft we go ‘all the way’, from ideation, prototyping, validation, launch of an MVP, to a successful market launch.
  • How to serve? Which omni-channel channel mix and customer interaction best suits the customers we want to reach, in the markets we want to conquer, and with the products we offer? And how do we ensure that the channel mix and customer interaction concepts are profitable and mutually reinforcing?
  • How to work? Which capabilities, working method, digital tools, governance model, partnerships and ecosystem are necessary for the new strategy and/or innovation to be successful? Do we need to acquire others to strengthen our capabilities or craft a robust partner ecosystem? How do we move quickly from idea to ‘minimum viable organization’ to new operating model?


Our clients truly appreciate our work. The team is often told that they are at least as good and fast as the well-known strategy firms, but above all provide very hands-on advice. Our strategic advice is grounded in deep market knowledge, robust data analytics, understandable financial modeling, and Newcraft’s extensive operational experience with digital & paid marketing, CRM, loyalty programs, e-Commerce & SEO. Intensive interdisciplinary collaboration is therefore a must and an asset within Newcraft.

Our recent projects

  • Market analysis, strategic advice & proposition development for one of the world’s largest flower wholesalers;
  • A global strategic study of the future of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles for one of the largest global online marketplaces;
  • Market, competition and financial analysis to assess the current commercial performance and to determine the geographic markets, channel mix and product portfolio in which a global retailer can grow the best and fastest;
  • Market analysis, strategic advise & proposition development for a large leasing firm to help them enter the B2C market;
  • Developing the customer interaction concepts and omni-channel strategy for a Chinese car manufacturer to enter the European market;
  • Developing a highly digital B2B marketing and sales strategy for a fast growing international hotel chain;
  • A commercial due diligence to valuate the acquisition of a large European classifieds platform by a global classifieds and transactional platform company, and working side-by-side with the tax advisers of a Big4 and lawyers of one of the top global law firms;
  • Market analysis and vision development as part of an M&A process to enable a new business proposition, both online and offline.

Who you are

  • A lover of wicked problems;
  • You bring experience with or at least great passion in innovation;
  • Very keen on making sure that strategic advice is applied and leads to tangible results and sustainable value;


  • You have a masters degree or PhD in, for example, Digital Business, Business Administration, Econometrics, Industrial Engineering, Innovation Management, AI & Data Science;
  • You have 3 to 5 years of experience in corporate, commercial & digital strategy;
  • You have experience with and unbridled interest in digital and all its most recent trends, concepts and technologies and their applicability in all forms of customer interaction;

What’s in it for you?

Working on exciting and challenging projects with the dynamics and structure of a small organization. That’s working at Newcraft. You’ll get the freedom and responsibility to make your own decisions. But you don’t have to do this alone. There’s a team of specialists you can rely on. Together we can make a difference. Fun is part of the job, we love what we do, the clients we work for, and each other.

Sounds like you?