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Erik’s Friday as an e-commerce fast tracker

Newcraft Group started the digital fast tracks in 2021: it’s a program for young professionals with one to three years of experience, who are looking to get more in-depth knowledge and speed in their careers. One of the programs is the e-commerce digital fast track. In this track, we prepare young professionals in six months to become an e-commerce consultant. Are you curious about life as an e-commerce fast tracker? Erik tells you more about it in this blog. Continue reading and take a look into Erik’s day.


Let’s start at the beginning: my name is Erik, I am 26 and live in Zoetermeer. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Business administration, I started working as an account manager. I had been doing this for a number of years, but after a while I was looking for more depth and challenge in my career. So I joined Newcraft on 1 October 2021 and started the fast track programme.


08:00 am 
Around 08:00 I get into the car and drive to Amsterdam. It usually takes me about 45 minutes. At the office, I check my agenda and my mailbox. Once I know what the day holds for me, it’s time for a cup of coffee and a chat with colleagues at the coffee machine. Also important!


9:10 am
I start with an analysis for a large player in the construction wholesale market. This involves researching what users do on the website, for example the search behaviour of consumers and the findability of the pages. Via Google Analytics, I identify which keywords the consumer uses. In this metrics, I look at what percentage of consumers leave the website and what percentage of consumers perform a new search. Next, I analyse this data and come up with tests to improve the results. I also check whether the website functions properly. For example, are the filters on a product page set properly? On the basis of this analysis, I draw conclusions and give the client advice. Depending on the agreements with the client, I also implement this advice on the website.


12:00 pm
As soon as my stomach starts to rumble, I know it’s time for lunch! In the morning, I never have to think about what to take with me for lunch. Newcraft provides something tasty every day: from sandwiches and pasta salad to juices. Lunch is the perfect time to relax and catch up with colleagues.


12:35 pm
This afternoon, the second training of the week is scheduled; E-commerce Technologies. In this training we look at different back-end programs (CMS) and front-end programs (UX) for e-commerce platforms. Which programs are there, what are the possibilities and which issues do they solve? Most trainers are our colleagues with years of e-commerce experience. Super interesting!


15:30 pm
After my training, I start working for a known brand in the DIY industry. For this client, we are active on four different marketplaces, such as Amazon. These marketplaces are located in different countries, meaning that we operate in ten different markets. For the weekly report, I combine the results from all the markets. I then evaluate the results by looking at KPIs such as page views and the buy box. This is to assess whether we had a good week and how we need to adjust. Finally, I adjust the pricing strategy. We know that price and delivery are important factors for Amazon’s algorithm. The cheapest provider gets the buy box on the marketplace and has the highest chance of success. If our client doesn’t offer the cheapest option, we’ll adjust our strategy.


17:00 pm
Every Friday, we end the week with the fast track team. We give each other an update on the week and what the focus of next week will be on. This of course while enjoying a drink: the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better. After this, the weekend begins!


About Erik:
Erik is a big football fan, but due to an injury he has to stick to watching it. When he is not watching football, he is renovating the boat he bought with his friends. He also likes to spend an evening in the centre of Zoetermeer.

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