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Omni-channel growth in one year

Growing and optimizing daily business

TABS (part of HAL Investments) is a fast growing building supplies trading company with high quality standards.



TABS consists of several brands such as Pontmeyer and Jongeneel. Both companies want to become omni-channel players as soon as possible and have an ambitious growth strategy.


Halfway 2019 we started with helping both organisations in growing and optimizing their digital channels. Together with Newcraft, Pontmeyer and Jongeneel are speeding up in becoming future ready.

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From potential to result

First we started optimizing their current channels in which we unlocked revenue potential and converted this to a concrete growth plan. How can we increase traffic in all channels? How can we optimize organic search and match search volumes with their content? What are the most potential product categories? How can we smoothen journeys and optimize conversion? How do we create a digital savvy culture?

Together with the ambitious teams of Pontmeyer and Jongeneel we took big steps and delivered concrete improvements and growth so far. And now we want to achieve more!


Digital is getting a central place in the heart of the company, both commercially and operationally. While accelerating all aspects of e-commerce we are also looking at the organization and the workflow that is needed to create seamless cooperation between business and IT stakeholders. Together we have built the foundation of a future proof and self fulfilling organization.

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Partnership for success

This story shows that achieving success is impossible without close cooperation with our clients. Together with Pontmeyer and Jongeneel we have achieved a lot in 12 months. The hybrid teams of Pontmeyer, Jongeneel and Newcraft are still working together on boosting acquisition, customer value creation, e-commerce, digital marketing and customer journey optimizations.

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Industry lead Wholesale

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