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No sleep until digital growth

Beter Bed is market leader in Dutch bed and mattress retail

It was founded in 1981 and operates more than 160 stores in The Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden today. A new omni-channel digital strategy was defined in 2018 with a focus on building the role of e-commerce and leveraging the combined strength of their digital channels and the store network.


The Dutch Bed retail market is very competitive. Beter Bed finds itself competing with other speciality stores, new disrupting online pure players and discounter home furniture players. Consumers are relying more and more on digital channels and mostly start their orientation process by searching for products not for brands.

Newcraft helped Beter Bed to find digital opportunities for growth in a very competitive environment while dealing with this changing customer behavior.

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Search, Marketplaces, Conversion

After an initial analysis phase, we focused on several opportunities for growth. The first being to accelerate organic growth within search engines. In addition we executed a marketplace growth strategy where we optimized product content and helped to expand the assortment available on platforms like


Last but not least, we supported the digital organization in several management, data analysis and execution roles focused on optimizing the media spend to increase conversion and campaign ROI.

Turnover from organic traffic


Turnover marketplaces


What’s next

Our current focus is to build in-house capabilities at Beter Bed. This way we help the organization in becoming more digitally mature so they can take full control of their online success.

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