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Building Drag & Drop emails to gain operational speed

Easy to adjust email designs make life easier

For Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional, it is essential that their emails match the brand identity and eventually contribute to a higher NPS and generate sales. Fixing the basics is key towards achieving these goals! Therefore we started by creating user-friendly Drag & Drop emails, that will make the work of the email marketers easier.

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What did we do

Making quick changes in emails was difficult and time consuming for marketers because of the complex HTML templates that had been built with previously used email marketing software. In order to find a solution that will allow the email marketers to work faster and reduce the chance of brand identity errors, we defined 3 main tracks within this project:

1. Work super fast with easy to use Drag & Drop emails

  • Simply drag and drop content into an email
  • Create emails, change blocks and maintain the brand identity
  • No HTML developer needed
2. Realize personalization with AMP script
  • Automatic personalization of Drag & Drop blocks by using AMP script
  • Based on the segment (data extension) where the email will be sent to
  • Relevant information will be sent to every individual customer at a certain time
3. Every email should be Email Client Proof
  • Emails are tested to assure they look good in the email clients and devices
  • Once tested, the elements are bulletproof for future use within the organization
  • Able to combine any content block without style errors

By creating the Drag & Drop emails in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, our marketers can now easily create emails and optimize these emails based on learnings. We can now use our email channel more efficiently than before.

Petina Veenman,
Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional

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