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The art of customer experience and data

Our challenge

Rijksmuseum is one of the most iconic museums in the Netherlands. Its renowned exhibitions and world famous pieces of art are visited by millions of people every year.


Large numbers of visitors also means large amounts of useful data. Our challenge is to use this data as a means to improve the customer experience even further.

Rijksmuseum Nachtwachtzaal - Foto: Erik Smits

Our achievements

  • 2 years of cooperation
  • 7 million visits processed for prediction
  • A new data driven way-of-working
  • Healthy and safe capacity standards during COVID-19
  • 2 prediction models in function
  • 10+ dashboards for weekly crowd- and customer journey management



Analyzed visits




Rijksmuseum exterieur

An organizational transformation

Together with the Rijksmuseum, we have defined an executable data strategy and developed new data capabilities. With our problem solving expertise they can make informed decisions. Our data scientists conduct discovery analyses for data mining, develop prediction engines for crowd management, and publish dashboards with metrics aligned to company goals.


We cooperate closely to transfer our knowledge and ensure real change from within. By bridging the gap between IT and business, the department marketing & communication of the Rijksmuseum can now act upon insights from the developed intelligence. So far we have set several changes in motion to ensure every visitor can enjoy Rijksmuseum to the fullest, such as:



  • Introduce tickets with time slots and capacities to avoid peak hours.
  • Set COVID-19 capacity standards to ensure a healthy and safe museum visit.
  • Provide solutions that solve the most important data quality issues.

We used Azure Cloud, Databricks and PowerBI to make this happen.

We used Azure Cloud, Databricks and PowerBI to make this happen.

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