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Impact of optimizing email marketing processes

Implementing Marketing Cloud can make a difference

Etos wanted to grow the impact of email marketing, and insource execution by their own Loyalty team to reduce costs and execution time.


Newcraft helped Etos to achieve this by optimizing the email marketing ideation & execution processes and implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a platform to make their email marketing technical execution future-proof.


What did we do?

Implementing Marketing Cloud helped Etos to structure and to insource the email marketing process. Etos is now able to plan the weekly email marketing activities by using content calendars. Changing the teams way of working created a focus on customer-centric processes based on weekly test results and forecasts.

Etos can now deliver 1-1 personalized experiences, offers and content by understanding their customers and their behaviour better because of real-time data connections and a 360-degree view of the customer. The new visual of the identity of the email combined with personalized content creates an easy buying and wellbeing experience for every customer.

Our achievements

  1. Reduced time & cost of execution for campaigns from 3 weeks to 1 week
  2. In-housing of all execution capabilities, which resulted in more flexibility to try new things and full control of their own email channel.
A growth of email channel revenue (YoY)


An improvement of the conversion rate (YoY)



Our focus for the future

Etos is going to incorporate additional channels for a seamless on and offline experience for the customer. They will continue personalizing this experience of the customer in email and in the webshop by becoming more customer centric, by responding to their needs & behavior-based in real time. At last Etos needs to grow the base to increase the amount (and quality) of 1st party data and get more revenue from the email channel. So they keep the customer happy at all times!

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Jordy Mulder

Team Lead Email & CRM

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