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A day in the life of e-commerce trainee Saskia

The e-commerce traineeship is one of the programs Newcraft Group offers for young professionals. It entails one year of training combined with working on cool projects, so you are fully prepared to work as a consultant. What does that entail exactly? You can read about it here. Saskia takes you through her day as an e-commerce trainee.


Before we start I’ll briefly introduce myself. My name is Saskia, 25 years old and I live in The Hague. After finishing my master in Marketing Management, I started the e-commerce traineeship in May 2021.


Around 8:00 I jump in the car and drive to Amsterdam. If the traffic is okay, it will take me about 40 minutes, so that’s doable. Upon arrival at the office I first look for a place to work. We have flex places at the office, which means that every day it’s a surprise who you will sit next to. Nice, because that way you quickly get to know a lot of people. Then it’s time to settle in and grab some tea. I run through my agenda and prepare my day.


Today I’m planning to prepare for the inspiration session for Pon. Pon is an importer of cars made by Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Škoda, among others. Newcraft helps Pon to optimize the websites for these four brands. The goal of the inspiration session is – as the name suggests – to inspire the online marketers and product owners. We’ll do this using a customer journey. Today we’re going to make this customer journey on a brown paper. Together with Lotte (from the Creative team) I spend the whole day mapping out the customer journey of a visitor to We spot the ‘pain points’ and map them out. This enables us to clearly present the customer journey to Pon. Something else than sitting behind your laptop all day!


Time for lunch! Newcraft provides the food, so you never have to think about what to bring for lunch in the morning. There is something for everyone: bread, salads or you can also choose to get a sandwich downstairs at Stach’s (truffle meatball is highly recommended!) Lunch is always busy, but also very cozy.

In the afternoon I attend a marketplaces training. During this training we explain what marketplaces are and how marketplaces like and Amazon work. We also get practical cases in which the most important learnings for marketplaces are discussed. A very interesting training!


I end the workday with a scan for Newcraft is a partner of this platform and we perform content and advertising scans for sellers on Last week I had an introductory meeting with a client to find out what exactly the help is they need. Today, I’m going to work on a content scan and dive into the account to see how they can optimize certain content points, such as title, descriptions, but also product variations. This will enable them to rank higher organically in


Every Friday afternoon we close the week with all trainees. We discuss each other’s projects and what everyone is working on, but it’s mainly about ringing in the weekend together with a glass of wine or beer!


About Saskia
Besides her traineeship at Newcraft, Saskia spends her free time playing her favourite sport: field hockey. Four times a week she can be found on the hockey pitch, which regularly ends in a thé dansant. She also enjoys a pleasant evening with friends, with good food and wine. As of January Saskia will start working as a junior. To prepare for that, she will be working on her consultancy skills and taking on more responsibility for projects in the coming period.

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