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4th edition 24 Hour Data Challenge big success

After 24 hours of analyzing, modeling and programming, 16 teams of bèta students presented the results of their data case. During this event – which Newcraft organized for the fourth time – Master students got to experience what it’s like to work as a data scientist. The winning team worked on a case for Albert Heijn.


Newcraft selected the best Econometrics, Information Science and Computer Science students out of 160 applicants. The participating clients NS, Albert Heijn and LeasePlan all provided a challenging data case the students could wreck their brains on for 24 hours.


For Albert Heijn the students were asked to find out which customer segments are sensitive to certain offers. NS was looking for predictions on which trains are more likely to delay, and for LeasePlan the goal was to gain more efficiency in answering service requests from customers.


The Albert Heijn team stood out because of their structured approach; they put a lot of effort in choosing the right model to crack this case and presented new insights that the retailer can apply directly in its business. Not only did they present several customer segments, but they also showed the most interesting product categories and potential revenue that could be earned by using this information. All results were summed up in a clear presentation that – according to the judges – could also be given directly to the Albert Heijn Management Team. Not only did they win €1500 of shopping credit, they also won a prize of €5000.


Newcraft director Martijn Haanappel: “The events’ succes is due to the added value for all participants; the students get a better view of working as a data scientist, and a chance of winning a beautiful prize and a spot in Newcraft’s Data Science traineeship. The companies earn new, surprising insights within 24 hours they can use to improve their business. It’s also a nice opportunity to connect with potential data scientists in a very tough market.”

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