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Picnic team wins fifth edition of 24 Hour Data Challenge

After working for 24 hours straight, 21 teams consisting of Master bèta students presented their work to their clients Heineken, Picnic, 112 Emergency control room, Praxis and Ymere. The team that worked on the case for Picnic won the main prize of €5000. 


On Thursday morning May 9th, 100 data talents started working on the data cases and the data that was provided by their clients. The Heineken team was asked to optimize B2B orders in Poland. The Police’s 112 Emergency control room wanted to know if and how they could use Twitter data on Kings’ Day to anticipate earlier to emergency situations. Praxis was looking for more insights in customer behavior and asked the team to predict which customers are likely to return to the store based on what they previously bought. They were also curious to discover cross-sell opportunities. Ymere needed more insight in the maintenance status of their complexes to become more efficient in the maintenance.



Picnic team winner
For Picnic the students researched which insights based on the weather the retailer can use and what they could do with these insights. The overriding factor in the judges’ choice was the team’s approach, because they paid so much attention to Picnic’s business goals. Willem Gerritzen, tech recruiter at Picnic: “It was amazing to meet the data talent of the future and we were very impressed by their know-how and technical skills the students showed in 24 hours.”


Member of the winning team José Ignacio de Alvear Cárdenas: “The event did not only challenge my programming and data analysis techniques, learning and obtaining hands-on experience of the tools provided by the Google cloud and the SQL language; but it gave me the unique opportunity of meeting lots of very ambitious young students with fascinating backgrounds and similar goals in life.”


NEWCRAFT’s Data science lead and judge Noor Bavinck: “One of the events’ main goals is to connect companies to data talent and vice versa. I’m very proud to see the extent to which we managed to organize that this year.


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