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Sarah’s Wednesday as retail media fast tracker

Since 2021, young professionals can follow the Digital Fast Track at Newcraft: a programme for juniors with one to three years of experience who are looking to deepen their career. One of the programmes is the retail media fast track. In this fast track, we prepare you in six months to become a retail media consultant. Are you curious about life as a retail media fast tracker? Sarah tells you more about it in this blog. Read on and take a look into Sarah’s day.


Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Sarah, 25 years old and I live in Amsterdam. After finishing my master digital media, I wanted to develop myself further in digital marketing. I was working within an e-commerce team where I was responsible for online merchandising and conversion optimisation. After a while, I realised I was ready for the next challenge. That’s how I ended up at Newcraft’s digital fast track programme.


08:55 am
My working day starts around nine o’clock. I check my agenda, mailbox and see that there are many exciting things planned for today. Before I get to work, I get a cup of coffee. Now let’s get to work.


09:05 am
I start working for my first client. For this online retailer, I am responsible for twenty brands that they offer on the website. For these brands, I make plans for upcoming campaigns and evaluate them afterwards. I advise the client on which channels to use to increase their visibility. If the client uses a social media post to promote the brand, I look at the results afterwards and see if it was successful. I then evaluate the results of the previous campaign with the client and present the next campaign.


12:00 pm
Around 12:00 it’s lunchtime! This is the most pleasant moment of the day in the office, because this is when everyone comes together to have a nice meal and to catch up on things. Lunch is provided by Newcraft. Before the training of this afternoon I go for a walk for some fresh energy!


12:30 pm
After the walk, I attend the training: Marketplace ads: platforms to advertise. This training fits in well with the work of UNFOLDR. At UNFOLDR we focus on advertising on retailer platforms. In the training we look at how brands can advertise on marketplaces like Amazon and, different ways of advertising and the benefits for the brand. Very informative and relevant!


15:30 pm
After the training, I grab a cup of coffee before the ‘carousel’ starts. Once in a while, Newcraft organises a carrousel. These are multiple sessions of 15 minutes in a row in which you receive information about the company. Think of quarterly updates, client updates, employee survey results or a presentation from the learning and development team. Each quarter, the carousel has different topics. The presenter stays in the same room and the groups switch to attend several presentations in one day. This is a fun way to learn more about the work of your colleagues.


Personal growth is important at Newcraft. During the sessions, this often comes up for discussion. There are over 140 training courses that you can take in order to further develop yourself. In addition, more information is provided about JINC projects, an organisation in which Newcraft colleagues help children aged 8 to 16 to prepare them for the labour market.


17:25 pm
When I look at the clock, I see that it is almost time to end the day. I answer a few more emails and make a schedule for tomorrow. When it’s 17:30, I put on my sports clothes and walk downstairs to play an hour of tennis.


About Sarah:
Sarah loves to socialise, so she likes to cook for her friends and can be found at the cinema on a regular basis. She is also very sporty and loves to beat you in a game of tennis.

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