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Organic growth report: savings & investment market

In September 2022, the Netherlands experienced a historic event: the highest interest rate increase in no less than 20 years! This shift caught the attention of the entire country and brought about some changes. 


For a long time, saving was less attractive because of low interest rates, but since this increase, people are again looking hard for savings rates and other ways to make the most of their money. Besides saving, interest in investing and investing has also grown. But who offers the best answers to the related questions?


In this Organic Growth Report, we look at the most remarkable insights and trends in search behavior within the Netherlands. In this report you can read about how consumers search for information online, who the top players are and which parties need to work on improving their online presence.


Download the report if you want to know:


  • ‘Financial wellbeing’ search trends.
  • Which banks/platforms are dominating the searches related to savings and investing and which are lagging behind.
  • Which parties with the highest savings interests are visible.

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