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Newcraft starts new digital retail marketing company: UNFOLDR

UNFOLDR was founded recently by Newcraft and is fully focused on digital retail marketing. Since door to door folders are losing reach, retailers and (FMCG) brands have to find new and better ways to reach their consumers. UNFOLDR helps retailers and (FMCG) brands to use digital platforms and communication channels as alternatives for the traditional folder. 


In today’s oversaturated marketing climate, more and more municipalities are implementing the ‘Ja/Ja’ sticker, where consumers need to explicitly opt in, in order to receive folders in their mailbox.  According to trade organization MailDB only 23% of households in Amsterdam used such a sticker in 2018. This year Rotterdam and The Hague will introduce the sticker as well and more cities are expected to follow shortly. The folder has always been an effective medium but with distribution declining, retailers and their suppliers need to find a future-proof way to reach their consumers.


UNFOLDR helps retailers to optimize their digital platform and channels in order to be more relevant for consumers and create more transparency for suppliers. By using the right marketing technology, value can be created for all parties involved; more relevance for the consumer and more profit for retailers and suppliers.


UNFOLDR is founded together with Newcraft’ers John Molendijk and Robin Vinkesteyn. Molendijk: “Digital retail marketing needs to done smarter than it has been done for years! By combining marketing, technology and data, retailers can create more value for their suppliers. This value used to come from traditional media like the folder, but this playing field is changing now. UNFOLDR helps retailers and their suppliers with this transition.”


UNFOLDR is a new company but cooperates closely with Newcraft. This way clients can benefit from all expertise both organizations have to offer. Currently UNFOLDR is working for a number of large retailers and (FMCG) brands.


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