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Newcraft launches OAK

OAK focuses on non-paid digital marketing strategies with 45 specialists

Amsterdam – 27 June 2019 – Meet OAK: latest addition to the Newcraft Group. 45 digital specialists work on creating organic growth of the online visibility for leading brands. OAK helps these companies grow with non-paid activities through platforms like Google, Amazon, and Alibaba. 


OAK provides smart non-paid marketing strategies. Next to strategic advice, OAK’s clients can count on loads of energy and execution power. This is essential for success, since growing brands organically with content (like blogs, evergreen articles, videos and podcasts) is a very labour intensive process.


OAK doesn’t only focus on creating content for ‘traditional’ organic platforms like Google and Youtube. Online marketplaces like and Amazon are also part of OAK’s expertise. The ambition is to return the clients’ investment times three within twelve months.


Working with blackbelts

In order to achieve this ROI, OAK works with blackbelts; industry experts with over ten years of experience like Sander Tamaëla, Kevin Verleg, David Hellendoorn and Roy Huiskes. They are supported by medior and junior marketers.


Currently OAK has 45 employees and keeps growing rapidly. The ambition is to double this amount before the end of this year. At the moment the company has a prime list of clients like Ahold, Praxis, Perrigo and Beter Bed.


Sebastiaan Elsholz, Manager Digital Marketing & Sales at Praxis, about OAK:

“The combination of specialist knowledge and the just-do-it mentality is what we love at OAK. This helps us in the ever evolving world of content.”


Jurjen van den Broek, Managing Director at OAK:

“Organic marketing strategies are the best way to create sustainable online visibility. It also saves our clients from high advertising cost. Organic content is and remains relevant.”


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