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Newcraft helps Aegon internationally with Google Marketing Platform

Newcraft helps Aegon with the implementation of Google Marketing Platform in several countries. The company also trains the marketers in the different countries in using Google’s technology so they are fully equipped to get the best results out of it.


Personalization and marketing automation are an essential part of Aegon’s international digital strategy. Newcraft already implemented Google Marketing Platform at Aegon’s subsidiary Knab and Aegon Spain. This week Newcraft started at Aegon Indonesia and the Netherlands will follow soon.


Geoffrey Davies, head of Digital Marketing Aegon: “Personalization, targeting and automation of the customer journey are the key focus points of our digital marketing strategy. This enables us to improve marketing spend efficiency and increase relevance for our prospects and customers at the same time. With Newcraft we create extra execution power to not just develop technical capabilities worldwide, but especially to build the skills and know-how to use these capabilities. You can give your teams a Ferrari, but they also have to learn how to drive.”


Newcraft founder Martijn Haanappel: “By implementing Google Marketing Platform internationally, Aegon shows it’s on the forefront of marketing automation. I’m very proud we can help them with this.”

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