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Newcraft and Erasmus School of Economics join forces

In Q1 of 2019 MSc students in Econometrics (specialization Business Analytics & Quantitative Marketing) of the Erasmus School of Economics will work on several data projects for leading Dutch companies. Due to its expertise in data science, Newcraft has been selected as one of the three companies to coach the students during the project.


Newcraft will select six companies each with their own data case. It’s a great opportunity for the participating companies to get new insights or solutions to their problem, and at the same time a chance to promote their brand with future data talent. The demand for data scientists keeps on growing, so recruiting young talent is essential.


Not only do Newcraft data scientists provide the data cases, they also help with setting up a clear question and provide professional coaching during the project.


Newcraft’s founder Martijn Haanappel: “It’s extremely important to invest in data science to stay ahead of the competition. In the passed years we have taken numerous initiatives to connect young talent to the corporate industry, for example the 24 Hour Data Challenge. In the Erasmus Data Case we can mentor the students even more intensively.”

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