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Matthews monday as E-mail/CRM trainee

The E-mail/CRM traineeship is one of the talent programs offered by Newcraft Group. Within one year, you will be trained to become an E-mail/CRM consultant. You’ll get training courses from the best in the business and start working on client projects straight away to put your new skills to practice.  Curious what a day as an E-mail/CRM trainee looks like? Then read on. Matthew will take you through his day. 


My name is Matthew, I am 24 and originally from Newcastle. In 2020, I moved to Amsterdam to study for a Master of Arts. After completing my Masters, I wanted more hands-on experience. So on 1 January, I started the Email/CRM traineeship.


09:00 am
In the morning, the training Customer Centric Mindset is scheduled. This training is about creating an excellent customer experience. The trainer explains why this is so important and how a company gets to know its customers. We learn how and why to make a persona. A fictitious customer, for whom you map out emotions, touchpoints and channels.


Time to put it into practice! Together with my team, I now create a persona around a business case. Think about the needs, interests and behaviour of the customer. In the next training, we will create a customer journey for this customer. I am constantly working on customer journeys within the E-mail/CRM team. So this is a good example of how it works in reality! 


12:10 pm
Training has finished, so I walk straight to lunch. I prepare my sandwiches, pour myself a drink and grab a delicious cheese roll. Time to catch up on the weekend!


12:40 pm
After lunch I have my bi-weekly with the learning and development coordinator. A 1-on-1 moment to catch up on how things are going. Today we will discuss my personal goals. At Newcraft Group, learning and development are important. In addition to the training courses within the traineeship, there are other training courses that you can follow. 


13:30 pm
In the afternoon I work for a major player in the sleep industry. I help improve the customer journey and focus on the ‘abandoned cart journey’. This means that a potential customer adds items to the shopping cart, but leaves the website before the purchase is completed. Therefore, I analyse the current abandoned cart journey campaign. Think of the customer journey and timing, the design of the emails and the KPIs and metrics in Google Analytics and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Then I come up with a plan to improve this and increase the revenue generated from the journey. 


16:00 pm
Every week I help to create the weekly newsletter. This is the internal newsletter sent out within Newcraft Group. It contains milestones, interesting facts and upcoming trainings. I build the template and a colleague from Organic Marketing takes care of the content. In the template, I take a number of important points into account. The design has to look good and match the content. It is also important that the email looks good on desktop and mobile. Together with someone from my team, I am trying to come up with a responsive HTML template. Really useful! The knowledge I gain now, I can apply to a customer project later. 


17:35 pm
I check the time and see that it is already time to go home. I make a planning for tomorrow, close my laptop and quickly cycle home for my Dutch lesson. 


About Matthew:
Matthew is a big fan of electronic music and loves to DJ. Due to the pandemic, he had to put this hobby aside for a while but will continue as soon as he can again. He also enjoys playing football and travelling around the world to discover new cultures. Laos is his favourite destination.

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