Analytics & CRO

We optimize your business by combining data, tech and creativity.

Develop a customer centric business approach through data driven decision making.


By closely analyzing behavior on your website we run data-driven A/B tests, all aimed at delivering the best customer experience and content to boost conversion.


This way Analytics & CRO provides a more effective way of making decisions and doing investments. Newcraft can help with this. Whether you want to generate more revenue or downloads for a whitepaper. We create a tailor made offer to make sure you reach your business goals.

Our Analytics & CRO services

Analytics consultancy

  • Online user behaviour tracking
  • Customer insights

CRO consultancy

  • Optimizing online journey
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Monetization platforms

Why Newcraft?

Hybrid teams
We believe the best results are achieved by close cooperation


Multi disciplinary
Everything you need for success is here; from content to data science


No endless Powerpoint presentations, we work on real results


Transferring capabilities
We make sure to transfer our capabilities to your team so you’re able to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud 100% effectively

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