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A day in the life of Ilse, trainee Digital Retail Media

With the Digital Retail Media traineeship you will learn all the tricks of the trade within a year. You will be prepared to work as a DRM consultant. This specific program is offered by UNFOLDR, one of the divisions of Newcraft. You will attend training courses and get to work with leading retailers and brands. Everything you learn about Digital Retail Media is immediately put into practice.


Hi there! My name is Ilse, I am 27 years old and I have been living in Amsterdam for three months. I’m originally from Naaldwijk, but spent most of my college years in Nijmegen. Here I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Food & Business, and later a Master’s degree in Marketing. I could picture it already, working in Digital Marketing. After my job interview at UNFOLDR I was immediately excited. I had a super good feeling about the company, the office and the people!


08:45 am
Every morning I enjoy riding my bike to work. Once I arrive, I grab a cappuccino and pick a place to sit. The rest of the team is already there. It’s an unwritten rule, but the UNFOLDR team always sits at the last block. We have assigned that one to ourselves. For a change, I sometimes switch places. That way I also see other colleagues.


09:00 am
I start the day with the entire UNFOLDR team. We all meet once every two weeks. In one hour we discuss what everyone is working on, and what is on the agenda. A super nice way to be well informed about the whole team.


10:00 am
Today’s training is about the digital shelf of retailers. This is actually the classification of the online supply of products at retailers. You see that companies in the physical stores have this all in place, but online they often pay too little attention to it. Super interesting, because this creates many opportunities for UNFOLDR and partners. Today we discuss how retailers can improve the digital shelf by means of keywords, product information and images.


12:00 pm
Super nice that every day lunch is arranged for us! I am not a morning person myself. Therefore I like the fact that I don’t have to make sandwiches in the morning. They have enough choice, so there’s always something tasty.


12:30 pm
Time for some client work! I am currently working on a project for Praxis, where we are setting up media campaigns for the suppliers. In this way we create extra visibility for a certain brand on the various online channels of Praxis. Because I’m still at the beginning of my traineeship, I’m mainly involved in the development of these campaigns. I take care of the briefings for the content creations and gather all necessary input. The most important thing? That is to ensure that Praxis and its various stakeholders are well informed.


16:00 pm
Next week, an assignment for the traineeship is scheduled. To kick off the weekend worry-free, I’m already taking a look at this. In addition, next week I start working for a new client. For this retailer we will begin with a keyword exploration. Which product-specific keywords do I recommend to the retailer? And which ones for the supplier itself? Sounds like a fun challenge!


17:00 pm
After filling in my hours, it’s time for some fun! Every Friday there is a drink at the office. I especially like this because it allows me to get to know my colleagues better. Enjoy the weekend and see you next week!


Over Ilse
Ilse is a real sports fanatic. From tennis to squash, she is an all-rounder. She is also a fanatical field hockey player in Nijmegen, where she plays matches in the weekends. Why did she not pursue a career as a top athlete? She thinks enjoying life is more important. She is often out with her friends: a drink here and a party there!

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