Now News selects Newcraft as Gold partner

Today announced that Newcraft has officially become a Gold partner. Gold partners are judged on their expertise to help sellers and brands with visibility and sales at on both strategic and execution level.


More and more brands are discovering the potential of because of its growing reach and all the possibilities the platform offers to bring their products to the attention of a large audience. At the same time, the competition is huge and success requires specific expertise and knowledge that sellers do not always have. By selecting Newcraft as a Gold partner, indicates that this company meets the high quality requirements of their certification program. Newcraft’s clients will benefit from early access to beta versions, an experienced team and direct contact with


Developing Capabilities
To become successful on marketplaces Newcraft helps its clients in all areas: advertising, content, account health, branding and strategy. At the same time Newcraft helps to build the right capabilities so that the teams at the client learn how to do it themselves. Newcraft has already helped Gall & Gall, Garmin, Mars, Lucas Bols, Beter Bed and with the launch and optimization of


Newcraft founder Martijn Haanappel: “We are happy and proud that our marketplace team has been valued by as a Gold partner after a number of years of hard work and will continue with undiminished enthusiasm to make our current and potential new clients successful on!


Besides, Newcraft also offers expertise on other marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, CDiscount, Wehkamp and Fonq.


About Newcraft: The world is digitizing at a rapid pace, which is changing the wishes and behaviour of consumers. Newcraft works with 160 professionals in strategy, digital marketing, data scienc, creativity and technology in hybrid teams to help companies understand and accelerate these changes digitally.


Check out our Marketplace Expertise page to learn more about how we can help with Marketplace acceleration, or contact Joost Jenneskens: