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Ahold Delhaize accelerates digital marketing in six countries with Newcraft

With the implementation of the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) in six countries, Ahold Delhaize just finished the first step of their digital acceleration program together with Newcraft. The next phase consists of training and supporting the local teams in making optimal use of the platform. Newcraft is now preparing the GMP implementation in the United States.


The implementation of this in-house technology is an important step in Ahold Delhaize’s international strategy that aims at maximizing customer centricity. These platforms enable the global teams to manage the customer experience and to buy, measure, and optimize digital media in one place. This way, brands can organize their digital marketing more relevant and effectively.


Building capabilities

Another advantage of implementing the GMP in-house, is the ownership of technology and data. Sarah Reintjes, Global Director Digital Marketing, Retail Media and Monetization: “Having the ownership of data in-house is a crucial part in achieving the most personalized communication with our customers as possible, and it’s the foundation for building in-house digital capabilities.”


Ahold Delhaize partners with Newcraft in this global digital acceleration program. Newcraft helps with digital marketing strategy, technology implementation, performance optimization and capability development.


Martijn Haanappel, founder of Newcraft: “We are very proud to help Ahold Delhaize with this acceleration program. The implementation of Google technology is of course the first step, but our most important goal is that all the teams learn to work with the technology in order to become self-sufficient and get the best results possible.”