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Friday Funday: Anna’s day as a paid marketing trainee

One of the traineeship programs of Newcraft Group is paid marketing. This program is developed for starters who just graduated. In one year you will get training, combined with working on nice projects for our clients. Afterwards you will be ready to start your career as a paid marketing consultant. Getting curious already? Read about a day in Anna’s life as a paid marketing trainee.


Let’s get to know each other first. My name is Anna, 32 years old and currently living in ijburg Amsterdam. I’m originally from Ukraine where I studied foreign languages and literature. 8 years ago I moved to the Netherlands. Here I recently obtained my Master in Tourism Destination Management from the University of Tilburg. My interest for the Paid marketing traineeship comes from my love of blogging about travels in the Netherlands. And to get my blogs noticed by the world I use paid marketing.


09:00 am
When I get to the office I grab a cup of tea and find a spot to work. I like to start my day by walking through the agenda. What is on the planning today and what do I still need to finish? Today there is a meeting planned regarding the assignment for next week. For this assignment I will look at the Google Ads account of a client, with real-life data. In the afternoon a training about creating Google Ads.


09:30 am
The assignment for next week is to build a new account structure in Google Ads. It’s all pretty new for me. My colleague is taking me through a Google Ads account he set up for a client. I’m really happy that someone with experience puts his time and effort into showing me how things work.


10:00 am
With the information from the meeting and some additional readings, I am ready to tackle next week’s assignment! I start by evaluating the Ads account. The main things I’m looking at are the performances and the keyword groups used in the advertisements. I notice that some keywords are missing and that there are no dynamic search ads installed. These are ads with dynamically generated headlines that target the users search query. I make a list of interesting keywords and save this for next week to continue.


12:00 pm
Time to eat! All this hard thinking made me really hungry. With my fellow trainees we grab some sandwiches. The lunch is taken care of by Newcraft. I have eaten and socially recharged myself, now I’m ready for the training!


13:00 pm
Today we have an extensive training about how to create advertisements in a Google Ads account. The examples used during the training comes from an account which is runned for a client. I find it super interesting to get real-life insights. This way we can see what works and what doesn’t. By making changes in the headlines and descriptions of these ads, you could already see significant differences in the amount of clicks on an ad. Super valuable! After a short break we continue with the topic Dynamic Search Ads.


16:00 pm
The entire paid marketing team gathers on Fridays. In this hour we are sharing the latest news, trends, updates and tips & tricks. All related to Paid Marketing! In this way the whole team is up-to-date. No excuses for missing out.


17:00 pm
Time to end this good day. Time flies when you’re having fun. Which I really had. I learned a lot of things and am excited to continue working on the assignment. I fill in my hours and close the laptop. Every Friday we have some drinks with the team. So I’ll see you at the bar!


About Anna
Anna loves flowers, and that is also the way that she should be described. A really colorful and vibrant person. And just as creative these flowers can be, Anna is the same. This creativity she expresses in painting. She likes to make paintings of flowers, landscapes, and her latest work “The Ukrainian Lady”.

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