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A day in the life of SEO
Fast Tracker Astrid

The Digital Fast track is a program for young professionals with 1-3 years of working experience who want to accelerate their career in digital. One of the tracks is the SEO track in which you are developed into a SEO consultant within six months. The young professionals get top notch training and put their new skills to practice for A-brand clients. Curious what a day as an SEO fast tracker looks like? Astrid takes you along!


You don’t just walk along with a stranger, do you? So let me first introduce myself. My name is Astrid Klaver, 32 years old. I grew up in Spanbroek, in the north of the Netherlands. I studied International Business and also got my master’s degree in journalism. After my studies I worked at several places, the last one as an in-house SEO at an online travel agency. I like writing, but gradually I realized that I have more ambition to learn the technical part. At first I was a bit nervous about moving from the client side to the agency side. But in the end I chose to start the SEO Fast Track at the Newcraft Group. And I have no regrets about that! 



I’m not a morning person at all. Therefore, I like to start the day with something easy. I grab my tea (best morning remedy) and read through my emails. Today I have two meetings with colleagues. I’m also going to take care of a keyword analysis for a client and we’re having training in Screaming Frog.



Today’s topic is authority and how to build it. My colleague updates me on this. This is super interesting! Using a client case, he gives me tips on how to create backlinks. We also look at what this yielded at the end of the line. How much impact did this make at the URL level and at the domain level? In short, how much additional traffic did this generate? Soon I will start analyzing backlinks myself, so a good exercise for me! 



After the meeting, I look for a nice spot in the office. The next two hours I focus fully on a keyword analysis for Yakult. Super cool that I can work on this! I look for keywords with potential. In other words: which keywords are relevant to the brand? And which of these keywords does Yakult not score on yet? After two hours, I have a nice list of keywords. I like having an extra pair of eyes checking my work, so I then send this on to my lead.



This is the most social time of the day (aside from Friday afternoon drinks). Everyone gets together for lunch.  This way I also get to talk to people from the other teams and expertises. It’s great that Newcraft provides lunch. 



Back to work! We have a bi-weekly for our client: a wholesaler of building materials. In this bi-weekly we discuss the work. What work has everyone done and what is planned? The conclusion; everything is running smoothly. 



Together with other SEO’ers, I gather in the training room for a course in Screaming Frog. Sounds intense, but I really enjoy working with this tool so I’m looking forward to it. Screaming Frog is an SEO tool that allows you to crawl websites. Today we dive deeper into some of Google’s key ranking factors; Broken Links, Redirects and canonicals.



After the training we end the day with a fun meeting. Every week all SEO colleagues come together. We ask each other questions and discuss the latest developments in the market. Fun, but mainly super informative!



Time to go home. At 5 o’clock I make sure that all important emails are dealt with, so I check that. Everything is arranged for the day. I note my hours in TimeLog and close my laptop. See you later!


About Astrid

Astrid does not only run sprints at work. During a game of indoor soccer, her hobby, she runs just as fast. This is in contrast to her passion for playing the piano, where calm and melodic songs make her happy. 

Furthermore, she loves the international life. For example, she obtained her master’s degree in Antwerp and worked for a while in Dortmund! Fortunately for Newcraft, she has found her home in Amsterdam.

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