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A day in the life of paid marketing fast tracker Zandra

The Paid Marketing fast track is one of the young professional programs of Newcraft Group. In six months you will be transformed into a paid marketing consultant. Next to weekly training, you’ll start working on projects for cool clients from the get-go.  After six months, you’re all set to start working as a Junior Paid Marketing consultant. Wondering what you’ll be doing? Zandra takes you through her day as a paid marketing fast tracker.


Let me introduce myself first. My name is Zandra, 28 years old and living in Utrecht. I did my Master’s in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. Before I started this program, I did a Digital Marketing Traineeship. During the traineeship I was mainly responsible for the Paid account. This made me eager to learn more and dive into Google and SEA. That’s when this ‘heaven made match’ came about. I started the fast track in October 2021.



I travel from Utrecht to Amsterdam by train, which takes about 40 minutes.  When I arrive at Amsterdam Zuid, I continue to travel by subway, and walk the last bit to the office. I usually start at the office with a cup of coffee and catch up with some colleagues. 



Working in a structured way is what I live for. So in the morning I check my agenda. For today, a training and meeting with the other fast trackers is planned. In addition, there is an analysis I run for a client. The insights are shared during a weekly meeting later on. After finishing some mails I grab a coffee. First stop, Copacabana (unfortunately not the city, but the meeting room named so).



Seeing Hidde (our Paid Marketing Guru) always makes me excited. With his 10+ years of experience, he teaches us all the tricks of the profession. The subject of today’s training, creating dashboards with the right metrics in Google Data studio. Therefore data from Google Analytics is used. Hidde tells us which metrics provide the most valuable insights. Revenue and ROAS are important. At a secondary level, we look at the amount of impressions and clicks on the page.



Lunch time! What I like most about lunching at Newcraft is that all the teams are mixed up. This is a great way to get to know other colleagues. Also good to know, the lunch is provided. So you never have to bring your own. 



Later on the day, a meeting with a client is scheduled. We discuss the possibilities of advertising on Pinterest, as this is a relevant platform for our clients in the fashion industry. We make an analysis to persuade them. We expect an increase in sales when using Pinterest. Therefore, we elaborate on this KPI to be convincing.



Together with Lucas (SEA Blackbelt) I welcome the client at our office. The most interesting insights about Pinterest are shared during the meeting. We go through the (potential) numbers with them. Think about the revenue, which is influenced by; impressions, clicks, conversions, conversion value and the cost through the paid channel. The client is excited! We get a green light to get started with the ads.



At the end of the day there is a meeting with all the fast trackers. Newcraft has several fast tracks, email/CRM, E-commerce, Retail Media, SEO and thus Paid Marketing. 

During these updates we talk about what everyone is doing and we just catch up! I started my fast track program together with this group of 10. Over time we became a very good group of friends and got quite close.

Before heading home, I fill in my hours and check if everything is done for today. See you tomorrow!


About Zandra

Fortunately, Zandra is not always working. She loves spending time with friends, family and her beloved cat. In addition, she is truly a food lover. Not surprising for a Malaysian Dutchy. Besides her love for food, she has a great passion for fashion. She is very happy that this passion can be combined with her love for marketing at Newcraft Group.

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