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A Day in the Life of Paid Fast Tracker Iris

In the Paid Marketing fast track, young professionals are transformed into paid marketing consultants in six months. Last time, Zandra talked about her experience within paid marketing fast track. We are of course very curious how Iris experiences this process. Iris has been part of our team for 3 months. She has recently started attending the weekly training sessions and is now also working for a number of our cool clients. At the end of this trajectory she will be our new Junior Paid Marketing Consultant.

Hi, my name is Iris and I started the paid marketing fast track earlier this summer. I have been living in Amsterdam, IJburg, for several years now. Before that, I studied in Breda, where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Tourism in 2018. After my studies I slowly rolled into marketing by applying for a copywriting position. I was hired at that company as a junior online marketer. This brought me into contact with SEO but also SEA. However, I was not able to grow within this specialisation at these companies. Therefore, I started searching for a company with more expertise. Somewhere where I could learn the tricks of the trade from practical experts and also directly apply my knowledge. This fast track program was exactly what I was looking for!


The program starts in September. I started two months earlier because I wanted to see where my level of expertise was together with the people from Newcraft. Based on conversations and assignments we decided how much knowledge I already had in certain areas. This is great because now I am following a trajectory that is tailor-made for me. The paid fast track program has general training that everyone follows and training that better suits your own specialisation. What is great about this program is that I can immediately apply the knowledge to my assignments.



I travel from IJburg to the office by car. I leave around 8:30 am and I am at the office a little before 9 am. We have just moved into a new office with a parking garage, ideal for when it’s raining outside! Once inside, I start my day with a delicious cappuccino and catch up with my colleagues.



I often start the day by emptying my mailbox and checking my agenda. I like to keep my working day as organized as possible. Today there is another training on the program and a number of appointments for a project. After I have finished my mailbox and checked my agenda calendar, I go to the room where I have planned my meetings with colleagues.



My Google ads training starts. This is given by Hidde, the ads expert. Since we are still at the beginning of the process, most training courses are still about the basics, such as: achieving a high quality score, CTR, CPC, determining ads calendar and researching relevant keywords.



Time for lunch! I think this is my favorite time of the day. In addition to preparing a delicious lunch, lunch is the time to catch up with colleagues from all departments.



I focus on setting up the advertisements for one of our customers. I can set up the campaign based on our strategy and the goals of the customer (targets). I then look at the targets, the target group, the customer journey and of course the budget. This is a good example of how I apply the knowledge of the training courses in practice.



There is also a general training scheduled for today with all the other fast trackers from Newcraft. During this training we will talk about the customer journey. Since this information is not only important for paid marketing, I sit together with colleagues from other departments. At moments like these, you also get a good understanding of how all expertise teams work together and how the work we do overlap.



Usually at the end of the day we also have a chat with the paid marketing team about new opportunities, hot topics and possible team outings! I notice that you quickly build up a close bond with colleagues because you work together a lot and see each other a lot. There is always a great atmosphere.



I end the day by writing down my hours in Timelog. I also check my agenda for tomorrow so that I start the day well.


Back to Iris:
Iris lives in IJburg, 20 minutes from the office, together with a roommate. She doesn’t like to sit still and therefore keeps herself busy. In her spare time, Iris enjoys bouldering and swimming. Who knows, she may soon also climb up the climbing wall with colleagues. She also has a travel blog, because Iris loves traveling. She discovers the most beautiful places and then writes useful guides, tips and other stories about these places on her blog, The website also contains the most beautiful photos of the trips she makes.

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