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A day in the life of E-mail/CRM fast tracker Danitsja

In 2021, Newcraft Group started its digital fast tracks: programs for young professionals with one to three years of experience, who are looking to accelerate their careers. One of the programs is the E-mail/CRM fast track. In this track, we prepare you in six months to become an E-mail/CRM consultant. Want to know more about life as an E-mail/CRM fast tracker? Danitsja tells you more about it in this blog. Read on and take a look into Danitsja’s day.


My name is Danitsja, I am 29 and I’ve been living in Amsterdam for two years. After finishing my studies, I worked at Philips as an E-mail/CRM marketeer for a while. I gained valuable experience there, but wanted to learn more in the field of E-mail marketing. That’s how I ended up at the programs of Newcraft and started the E-mail/CRM fast track programme on 1 September 2021.


08:25 am
Around 08:25 I jump on my bike and head to the office. Once I arrive, I look for a flex spot near my team members and log in. Then it is time for a cup of coffee!


08:55 am
In the morning, I start working for a well-known brand in the optical industry. I am responsible for creating and sending emails for campaigns and I monitor the performance. I check this by using metrics such as: click through rate, conversion rate, unsubscribe rate and the number of appointments and/or transactions that result from the e-mail. I report this every week during the marketing team meeting. So I am constantly optimizing the e-mail performance. I also have a lot of contact with shop employees for comments on transactional/automated e-mails. Think of an appointment confirmation or when a product is ready to be picked up. Is something not mentioned correctly? Then I correct it!


12:00 pm
This is one of my favourite moments at the office: Everyone gathers together for lunch and I get to catch up with my colleagues. I  enjoy another delicious salad that one of my colleagues made this time.


12:30 pm
After lunch I work for my second client. I help to come up with interesting content for the target group. By personalising e-mails we want to increase engagement. I also do a weekly performance check. I look at the results of last week’s emails, such as which products have the highest click-through rate and which part of the newsletter was the least effective. I present these findings to my team and discuss what’s planned for this week.


Together with the other fast trackers, I attend the Salesforce Marketing Cloud training every week. Each training covers a new topic, such as account management, data segmentation or content personalisation. So, how do you set up an account, how do you filter data and how do you personalise e-mail content? These trainings are very informative and very relevant to our work.


5:25 pm
After the training, I see that it is almost time to end the day. I start planning for tomorrow, send out the last e-mails and then close my laptop. Time to go home!


About Danitsja:
Danitsja loves to socialize. She has a big passion for music and dancing and is not afraid of a disco party. When she is not dancing, she is at the gym to keep fit or in the kitchen for a dinner party with friends.

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