24 Hour Data Challenge: 7 & 8 May 2020

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  • Gain actionable, data-driven insights

  • Connect with data talent of the future

  • Activate your employer brand

We are very sorry that we need to cancel the 24 Hour Data Challenge in May 2020 due to the consequences of the Corona virus. We are currently looking at several options to postpone this event, but with all the uncertainties we can’t be specific about this just yet. We hope for your understanding.


Participating brands:

Praxis, Picnic, Ymere, Politie, Heineken

What is the 24 Hour Data Challenge?

High potential bèta students, 5 leading brands, and lots and lots of data. These are all ingredients for Newcraft’s annual event: 24 Hour Data Challenge. During this hack battle, the brightest young talents work for 24 hours straight to crack a real data case.


This year, the event will be even bigger, even more inspiring and open to anyone who is interested in the power of data. We’ve joined forces with Google Cloud again to provide the infrastructure and tools to solve the toughest problems. Google’s innovations and expertise will provide the ultimate circumstances to uncover more value from your data.


    Conditions to participate

    • A challenging data case
    • Access to raw (anonymized) data
    • A prize for the winning team
    • Costs are €12.500,-

    Why join?

    You have data, lots of it! It can be extremely challenging to apply data analyses successfully and to find the right people with the capabilities to do so. This is why Newcraft doesn’t only help clients with data science, but also aims to develop talent with our Data Science traineeship. The 24 Hour Data Challenge combines both; gain actionable insights about your data questions, and get the opportunity to recruit the brightest bèta talents who are ready to enter the job market.


    • Get actionable and unexpected insights: the students are coached by Newcraft’s Data Scientists in developing the right models to come up with advice that you can immediately implement in your business.


    • Connect with data talents: introduce your company to 100 bèta students and you’ll get the opportunity to talk face-to-face with potential Data Scientists throughout the event.


    • Employer branding: the promotion of the 24 Hour Data Challenge goes to 10.000+ bèta students, so put your brand on their career horizon.