Senior service designer

Creative consultancy

The Senior Service Designer in the Strategy & Service Design team helps clients stay relevant in a fast-paced and changing world by designing propositions and end-to-end experiences for their prospects, clients, partners and employees. These propositions and experiences define the value exchanges between the client and their customer across different touchpoints, moments and channels.


From day one, you’ll lead multiple projects where you apply a human-centered approach and always explore the root-cause by asking ‘why’. You are able to explain the abstract complexity in a simple way, and are comfortable with jumping from research to facilitating to designing and validating tasks.

Team Strategy & Service Design

At Newcraft we have long-term partnerships with our clients and we deliver both strategy as well as implementation. The team uniquely combines unbridled creativity, design thinking, empathy and deep insight into the drivers, behavior and emotions of users and internal stakeholders with advanced and highly data-driven, quantitative, and financial analytics. Call it money & magic, or left brain & right brain. 

With this unique blend of skills we answer the following four types of questions our customers ask us:


  • Where to play? In which geographic markets, customer segments, channels, value chain positions and competitive field can we best grow sustainably and profitably?
  • What to offer? With which product and service portfolio can we conquer the hearts, minds & wallets of our customers? And which new propositions can we successfully bring to the market that match the (latent) needs of our customers? At Newcraft we go ‘all the way’, from ideation, prototyping, validation, launch of an MVP, to a successful market launch.
  • How to serve? Which omni-channel channel mix and customer journey best serves the customers we want to reach, in the markets we want to conquer, and with the products we offer? And how do we ensure that the channel mix and customer journeys are profitable and mutually reinforcing?
  • How to work? Which behind-the-scenes activities, systems and processes need to be orchestrated in order to realize the desired customer experience? Which capabilities, working method, digital tools, governance model, partnerships and ecosystem are necessary for the new strategy and/or innovation to be successful? How do we move quickly from idea to ‘minimum viable product to fully implemented product or service?


Our clients truly appreciate our work. The Strategy & Service Design team is appreciated by our clients for their very hands-on advice. Our strategic advice is translated, in close collaboration with the experience design team, into tangible solutions such as prototypes, pilots and MVP’s. In addition, we make use of Newcraft’s extensive operational experience with digital & paid marketing, CRM, loyalty programs, e-Commerce & SEO. Intensive interdisciplinary collaboration is therefore a must and an asset within Newcraft.

Our recent projects

  • Developing the customer interaction concepts and omni-channel strategy for a Chinese car manufacturer to enter the European market;
  • Developing and implementing an 24/7 and omni-channel pharmacy proposition and experience design for a large drugstore chain to help them in becoming the wellbeing partner for their customers;
  • Customer experience and market analysis, strategic advice & proposition development for one of the world’s largest flower wholesalers;
  • Developing a loyalty program for owners of a leading sports car brand in becoming more engaged and ultimately enjoyment of driving their car;
  • Building and running an innovation hub for a major mobility solutions firm so that the organization is empowered to design, develop and implement new innovations through a standardized methodology;
  • Developing a highly digital B2B marketing and sales strategy, proposition, customer journey and service blueprint for a fast growing international hotel chain;
  • Develop a new customer journey and corresponding service blueprint for ordering, measuring, and installing window coverings for a major retailer;
  • Developing a B2B after-sales proposition for a large heavy equipment manufacturer so that SME customers can find, plan and book nearby maintenance technicians for planned and unplanned maintenance;
  • Building and executing a design thinking curriculum for both managers and employees in a large mobility solutions firm.

Who you are

  • You have a strong passion for design, problem solving and human behavior;
  • A lover of wicked problems and strong manager of complex projects;
  • You bring experience with or at least great passion in innovation;
  • You have experience with and unbridled interest in digital and all its most recent trends, concepts and technologies and their applicability in all forms of customer interaction;
  • You are an expert and have hands-on experience in exploring and validating the challenge by means of research and experimentation;
  • You are extremely comfortable in organizing, structuring and facilitating workshops, customer & stakeholder interviews and engagement sessions;
  • You master evidence based customer journey mapping and service blueprinting;
  • You have experience in building B2C and B2B products and propositions;
  • You have an understanding of todays business models and eco-systems.


  • You have 5 to 10 years of experience in Service Design;
  • Strong digital product design (UX/UI) is must for this position;
  • It’s a plus if you’re familiar working in a large corporate or corporate start-up;
  • An irrepressible interest in the field is a must.

What’s in it for you?

Working on exciting and challenging projects with the dynamics and structure of a small and truly entrepreneurial organization. That’s working at Newcraft. You’ll get the freedom and responsibility to make your own decisions. But you don’t have to do this alone. There’s a team of specialists you can rely on. Together we can make a difference. You will have a really healthy work-life balance, and if you want, the freedom and support to shape ideas for your own company. Fun is part of the job, we love what we do, the clients we work for, and each other.

Sounds like you?