Cases Erasmus Data Case

Three months, six brands, six data solutions

Solving data challenges for six of our clients

Data science remains to be one of the most crucial elements for companies to stay ahead of the competition.


Investing in data science and recruiting data talent are complex as well as time consuming issues. To connect data talent to the corporate world, Newcraft joined forces with the Erasmus School of Economics.

Beter Bed, Praxis, Gall & Gall, Priva, LeasePlan and Eneco all provided a research question and the necessary data to beat the challenge. With extensive coaching from Newcraft’s data scientists, the students managed to deliver smart solutions within three months. 


For the students, it was a great opportunity to work for real-life clients, while the participating brands got new solutions to implement in their daily business and recruit data talent at the same time.

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Noor Bavinck

Team Lead Strategy & Data Science

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