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12 years of collaboration and digital excellence

Transforming KPN and its brands

Back in 2007, KPN was facing more and more changes in their customers’ behavior and needs. A shift to a more digital way of doing business was necessary to meet these changing demands.


KPN teamed up with Newcraft to use these changes for the better and seize the opportunities they created. Through close cooperation and partnership, KPN and Newcraft managed to transform the way KPN and its brands Telfort, Het Net, Planet Internet, XS4ALL, Simyo, Hi and Digitenne engage with their customers. By looking at new ways to use technology to achieve our goals, we improved customer contact and changed the distribution model. Mortar and brick shops became less dominant, to create space for more sophisticated ways of reaching KPN’s audience through digital channels.


Securing sustainable relevance

Together we started a process to implement the best suited technology and develop the right capabilities to use it to its full potential. Media and marketing were completely transformed, which lead to KPN being one of the first organizations in the Netherlands to in-source marketing technology, making media agencies redundant.


At Telfort, Newcraft has been its commercial partner for three years in a fully performance-based model, providing technology, digital marketing and data capabilities. At KPN and Digitenne we managed to boost organic traffic and secure sustainable relevance within search marketing. Transferring capabilities was and is at the core of every project we do together.

In our 12-year partnership we have made significant impact

We helped KPN grow from a traditional model to a digital way of working. To this day, Newcraft provides support for multiple brand channels with flexible customer-facing technology and provide continuous conversion optimization tracks.This way we make sure KPN and its brands keep adapting to the ever-changing circumstances and meet its customers’ demands.

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Dirk van den Bosch
Team Lead Digital Growth

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