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Digital acceleration with a shot of caffeine

Digital coffee, why don’t we just do it?!

With this daring statement ánd decision, it all started. Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional (JDEP) and Newcraft teamed up around the idea to shake up the professional coffee market.


What started as a ‘one-man-gang’ grew into a hybrid team of specialists. Transferring capabilities from Newcraft to JDEP to enable the organization to drive their own digital growth.


Our key responsibilities were to run and optimize e-business by continuous optimization, to change internal processes to enable holistic customer engagement segmented and personalized full customer journeys and to innovate by developing new propositions, exploring new technologies and new e-business channels.

Rapid prototyping and in-market piloting

To accelerate the time-to-market of new propositions JDEP and Newcraft embraced Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies.

For example, in 90 days a connected coffee-machine was developed, launched and tested in-market. Tapping into pains/gains of the SoHo market-segment and providing valuable behavioural insights.


Global perspective
‘Fit for scale’

The NL e-business platform and organization serves as a blueprint to manage a global rollout. Proven strategies, technology, processes and propositions will be tailored to local market specifics.

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Team Lead Creative

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